Water Jet Cutting

A Waterjet cutting machine, also known as waterjet, is an industrial tool that uses a high-pressure stream of water to cut and shape a wide variety of different materials. An abrasive substance is mixed with the water to penetrate tougher surfaces. Waterjet cutting is often used when the material cannot be cut by lasers due to the material's high reflectivity or heat conductivity. During Waterjet cutting, no heat is created on the material, which makes it perfect for these instances. Two of our Waterjet cutting machines are located in our Clackamas facility while the third machine is in our Eastern Oregon facility, known as the High Desert Facility, in Harper, Oregon. All three machines are produced by Flow, the industry leader in high-powered water jet technology. Our High Desert Waterjet is the smallest of three, with 87,000 PSI of cutting power and a bed size of 72" X 144. One of the Clackamas machines also has 87,000 PSI, but it has a much larger bed size - 72" X 300". The other Clackamas Waterjet cutting machine is our most powerful with 94,000 PSI of cutting power. That means it can cut material up to 6" thick! It has a bed size of 72" X 144, it's 5 axis capable and it can cut up to a 60 degree angle. Thanks to Dynamic Kerf software, we can cut virtually any type of material up to 6" thick with almost no taper on the edge. Our machines are also programmed with automatic "nesting" software for efficient use of materials, minimizing material drop, and increasing ecological sustainability.


The video below shows one of our water jetting cutting machines slicing through aerospace quality titanium. In the first half of the video, the titanium is 1/4" thick and in the second half it's 3/4". In the first half, the sparks you see are not caused by heat. Rather, they are the result of friction from the cutting abrasive (garnet) hitting the titanium. Notice how when the thicker titanium is cut in the second half of the video, there are no sparks at all. That's because water jets don't create any heat on the material when cutting or shaping.

Materials We Cut:

  • Steel (All Types)
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Titanium
  • Granite
  • Slate
  • Annealed Glass
  • Rubber
  • Plywood and Lumber
  • Cork
  • Marble
  • Plastics, Composites & Carbon Fibers
  • Many More
If you have any questions about our waterjetting process, of if you would like to schedule a time to have your materials cut, please give us a call today at Pesznecker Brothers Inc!