About Us

The picture above was taken in 1917 in downtown Estacada. This was a wild, adventurous time in a town that was abounding with numerous opportunities for successful business ventures. This was just the beginning of one of those opportunities as a dream passed down from one generation to another. As the sign in the picture tells us, it was a "full service" garage which also took on the repairing of just about anything the customer would bring in. From pumping gas, repairing cars and working on farm implements for their customers, they were truly a full service garage! The young boy standing next to the tire of the car was young Leo Pesznecker and his older brother Steve is sitting in the car. Both were the second generation of Peszneckers to fulfill their goals and ambitions and to help the company develop. Young Leo was an entrepreneur in the making, and throughout his career at PBI, Leo would create, design, and build machinery that would help them fashion metal that other shops would not even consider. Some of his original creations are still present and functioning at the company today. Perhaps this was the strongest part of Pesznecker's reputation... always being able to build whatever the customer needed. His legacy is evident to this day. In 1939 after many years of serving the Estacada area, PBI planned a major move to southeast Portland and formed the company as Pesznecker Brothers. Leo's passion for creativity and hard work was passed down to his sons Dick and Don. When Leo retired in 1968, Dick and Don along with their partner Don Ford took over the business. These ambitious men were at the forefront of manufacturing motorcycle sprockets that were sold in racing circles throughout North America as well as Europe. The sprockets were a big part of the business for many years, but PBI had also established a reputation for quality work and a craftsmanship with any endeavor or business opportunity. The small shop on Ogden Street was occupied until 1971 when it became necessary to expand. They purchased several acres in Clackamas and built a 33,000 sq ft building that is still being used today as the corporate facility. Spanning nearly 9 decades, the Pesznecker family continues to support their customers, their employees and the community in which they live, work and play. Our philosophy of hard work, dedication, creativity and imagination is as prevalent today, as it was in 1917. In October of 2013 we opened the High Desert Division located in Harper Oregon. At this location we have CNC machines, a waterjet cutting machine and a complete metal fabrication shop. The facility works with local farmers and ranchers and also does work for customers in Boise, Idaho and Bend, Oregon and other areas in the region.