The VTL series of vertical turning lathes are designed especially for high precision, high rigidity, high stability, under super heavy cutting conditions including non-symmetric workpieces. The outstanding rigidity of the structure and design provides mechanical features for super heavy cutting, which achieves maximum machining accuracy and stability thus increasing the life of cutting tools.


  • Maximum table load 22,000 lbs
  • Maximum swing diameter 98"
  • Maximum turned diameter 90.5"
  • Table diameter 78-3/4"
  • Maximum height 63"


  • Fanuc spindle motor, high torque and high horsepower spindle motor, incorporating a German ZF dual speed gearbox that provides high torque and high turning speed allowing the machine to develop and its cutting ability to cover all applications of turning operations.
  • Cross roller bearings provide the strength to carry heavy axial and radial loads, thereby ensuring long life heavy cutting with very high precision, stability, low vibration and maximum support for the forces exerted on the main spindle.
  • The X-axis box structure slideways are heat treated and the sliding faces are Turcite B coated allowing slide assemblies to move with high precision and low friction.