Custom Signage

You want your signage to be unique and attractive. Whether it's a government agency, a business, or corporate ID's, a sign is oftentimes the first thing your visitors see. It has to be unique enough to catch the eye and specific enough to clearly convey your brand message. Using Waterjet and laser cutting machines, Pesznecker Brothers can work from whatever design you bring in to make your signage vision a reality. That design could be in cad files, drawings, sketches, or whatever. As long as your final vision is clearly conveyed, Pesznecker Brothers can make it for you. Our Waterjet cutting machines can cut virtually any shape. The limitations are simply the depth of your imagination.

Dimensional Letters and Logos

Dimensional letters and logos are a great way to brand your business and welcome visitors. They can be mounted onto acrylic or put directly on your wall. Letters and logos can also be fashioned out of weather-resistant materials so that they can be proudly displayed outside for years with no signs of deterioration. And with Pesznecker Brothers' state-of-the-art machinery, we can make the letters and logo any size or shape that you want, so you'll always get the perfect result for your perfect signage.

Custom Brass and Bronze Patinas

If you want your sign to have a fancy look and finish, consider having a custom made patina out of brass, bronze, copper stainless, aluminum or steel applied to it. The surface patina gives off a look and feel of the parent material without the added cost of actually having your entire sign made out of that more expensive material. Brass is a great choice if you want your sign to have a classic, yet modern look. Bronze provides more of a traditional and rustic feel.

Building ID Signage

If you need custom-designed signs to label the various rooms in your building, look no further than Pesznecker Brothers. We follow all ADAAG (United States Access Board) guidelines like character heights and the inclusion of braille. Navigating a building and its countless rooms can be tough, but it doesn't need to be if you use the pros at Pesznecker Brothers to help you ID all your rooms with signage.

Corporate ID's with Logo

Your corporation has its own identity and brand; your signage should simply be an extension of that. With our Waterjet and laser cutting machines, Pesznecker Brothers can ensure that you receive a customized and unique sign that immediately tells customers what your corporation stands for.

Box Signage (Lit and Unlit)

In today's crowded business landscape, it can be tough to stand out to the common passerby. Boxed signs are a great way to announce that you exist and ready for business. If your business primarily experiences lots of traffic in the evening, you may want to consider a box sign that is backlit. Pesznecker Brothers specializes in both.

Installation is Available

Hanging or installing signs is a complicated, difficult, and occasionally dangerous process. At Pesznecker Brothers, we believe in seeing projects through from beginning to completion. So not only will we custom make you a beautiful sign, but we'll come help install it as well. If you have any questions about our signage processes, or if you would like to schedule a time to have your custom sign made, please give us a call today at Pesznecker Brothers, a trusted fabrication and metal cutting service in Oregon! (503) 655-5128