Door Hardware

When considering the most important part of a house, people rarely think of doors. But they should, because doors are an incredibly essential aspect of any home. Not only do they provide a necessary security measure, but they represent the threshold of your home. When people visit your house, the first thing they will experience is walking through the doorway. Here at Presznecker Brothers, we can design the door hardware of your dreams. Whether you're designing from scratch or just want to update your current hardware, we can achieve the perfect doorway look for you. We control all aspects of manufacturing from engineering, machining, casting, finishing, and plating. This level of control from start to finish ensures that we can deliver you the exact product you want and paid for. We take doors seriously, and our thorough process reflects that. Pesznecker Brothers has hardware available in all finishes: Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum 605, 606, 612, 613, 628, 629, 630

Custom Knobs, Roses, and Thumb Turns

A knob can really make or break the overall aesthetic of your doorway. A rustic knob with a modern doorway? That's not going to work too well. Luckily your friends at Pesznecker Brothers have you covered. We manufacture all kinds of door knobs, roses, and thumb turns. Our Waterjet machines allow us to cut materials into almost any shape, so you can have your own custom knob made perfectly to match your door.

Door Strikes

Door strikes are a great fail-safe security and locking mechanism for your door that doesn't require you to fumble around with any keys. Pesznecker Brothers can custom-design door strikes for you that are both safe and reliable.

Door Edgings

Poorly made door edgings are a security risk and they'll let the elements (as well as insects) into your home. With our Waterjet machines and laser cutters, we can make edgings to fit any door, regardless of how strange or unique it may be. Is your door perfectly round like the entrance to a hobbit hole? We can make a door edging for that.

Kick and Armor Plates

Let's face it: sometimes your doors take a beating, and there's not much you can do about it. If you apply some custom-made kick and armor plates from Pesznecker Brothers, you'll keep your door looking nice while also extending its life expectancy.

Push Plates

All doors should be easily accessible for everyone, which is why Pesznecker Brothers is very proud to offer state-of-the-art push plate manufacturing. Whether you want them custom-designed or electronic, we have what you need.


Door thresholds are important. They can be the difference between whether or not you stub your toe on the way into your home, and more importantly they can make your home much more accessible to someone in a wheelchair. If you'd like to turn your doorway into a more friendly home entrance, give the experts at Pesznecker Brothers a call today and we'll set you up.

Push Pull Signs

Anyone that's had the embarrassing and potentially painful experience of running into a pull door that you thought was going to push open knows how important an indicating sign can be. At Pesznecker Brothers, we have experience making all kinds of signs as well as making sure that they meet all ADAAG regulations like the inclusion of braille. To further discuss your door hardware needs, please give us a call today at Pesznecker Brothers Inc! (503) 655-5128