Ornamental Elements

At Pesznecker Brothers, we offer more than just the mass production of quality products. Our combination of state-of-the-art machinery, highly-skilled professional machinists and craftsmen allows us an unparalleled degree of customization for your projects. Whether it's one part or one thousand parts, Pesznecker Brothers designs the products you want the way you envision them. Using your cad files, drawings, sketches or renditions, Pesznecker Brothers can make your vision a reality. We have created signs for businesses, government agencies, and corporate ID's. Using our Waterjet and/or laser cutting machines, we can produce virtually any shape from virtually any material. We are only restricted by the depth of your imagination.

Wall Plaques

Wall plaques are great for recognizing employees, paying homage to those who paved the way, and a whole host of other noble reasons. Whether you want your wall plaques in brass, bronze, stainless steel, or a host of other premium metals, Pesznecker Brothers has what you need and will fabricate a plaque for you.

Donor Walls

If people are willing to donate to your cause, they deserve some form of thanks and recognition. What better way to do so in a public manner than a donor wall? If you're looking for your donor wall to really stand-out, look no further than Pesznecker Brothers. We can make your donor wall and donor plaques out of any material and into whatever shape or size you want.

Light Sconce Bodies

Much of a room's warmth and ambiance comes from its lighting, so when you're looking to attach your lights to the wall, don't skimp on the sconce. Whether you want something simple and elegant or intricate and ornate, the professionals at Pesznecker Brothers can craft it for you exactly to your specifications and vision.

Lightweight Wall Panels

If you want wall panels that are water and mold resistant and have a great strength to weight ratio, check out Pesznecker Brothers today. We can cut wall panels from any material to almost any shape and size, so you can get your wall panels just the way you want them.

Wayfinding Signs

Let's face it: most of us aren't cartographers or orienteers, so getting lost is easy. If you want to ensure that people always know where to go when traversing your business, institution, campus or residence, Pesznecker Brothers offers custom wayfinding signs that can be fashioned so that your visitors are never lost again.

Display Cases (With or Without Glass)

Need something to hold all the tangible evidence of your numerous achievements? Pesznecker Brothers can build you a fancy display case that is worthy of holding trophies, pictures or artifacts that you wish to display.

Decorative Building Elements

The most important part of a building is its infrastructure, but what really give it its personality is the decorative building elements throughout the interior and exterior. With our Waterjet and laser cutting machines, Pesznecker Brothers can make virtually any shape out of any material. However you want to decorate your building to provide it with its own unique personality, Pesznecker Brothers can help turn your dream vision into a reality.

Interpretive Structures

Do you have an idea for a structure that speaks to your customers and visitors and conveys the ideals of your brand? Pesznecker Brothers can craft you the perfect interpretative structure to really set yourself and your business apart. To further discuss your ornamental detail needs, please give the custom fabrication and ornamental design experts at Pesznecker Brothers Inc a call today! (503) 655-5128