Structural Steel

At Pesznecker Brothers, we don't just employ expert machinists and cutters – we also employ experienced, certified welders who can construct and erect elaborate steel structures. Our welders are AWS certified in all positions, and we offer third-party inspection plus NDT (Nondestructive Testing) services.

Wind Load Frames

Also known as braced frames, wind load frames are the backbone of any large construction project. They're durable and provide stability to the rest of the building around them. They also disperse the weight load from winds and earthquakes among all the walls so the weight load and pressure don't fall squarely on the floors and ceilings. Pesznecker Brothers specializes in making wind load frames, so if you choose us, you can rest easy knowing that your building's structure will be stable and safe.

Seismic Beams and Columns

Seismic beams and columns are another two important parts of a building's infrastructure. We'll fabricate them to your specifications and ensure that the beams and columns meet all necessary standards and regulations. We have the tools and expertise to make your infrastructure in a manner that is safe and specific to your needs.

Column Caps, Bases, Truss Hangers

While not as big as the structural parts mentioned above, column caps, bases, and truss hangers are just as important to ensuring the structural integrity of your building. They connect beams and columns to each other, the frames, and the concrete. They need to be incredibly sturdy and well built. Regardless of size or intricacy, Pesznecker Brothers has the expertise and experience to build your column caps, bases, and truss hangers right.

Ledgers Angles/Embeds

Attached to the side of foundational walls, ledger angles support the vertical load by transferring weight from the floors and ceilings to the walls. Embeds are used to attach the ledger angles to the wall. With Pesznecker Brothers' arsenal of the most advanced metal cutting machines, we can quickly produce all the ledger angles and embeds you’ll need to make sure that your building is safe and passes all city codes and regulations.

Custom Beam Pockets

A beam pocket is an opening in vertical structural member (generally a column or a wall) that is specifically engineered for a beam to fit into. Our laser cutters and Waterjets allow us to produce beam pockets that are the exact size and shape you need to make sure that your beams are fitting snugly and securely. Our facility size and equipment also means that we can quickly produce them for larger building projects without sacrificing any quality.

Field Installation

At Pesznecker Brothers, we believe in seeing jobs through to the very end. Not only will we custom make structural steel parts with great turnaround times for affordable prices, we’ll make sure that the parts are correctly installed and wind up where they're supposed to. To further discuss your structural steel needs, please give us a call today at Pesznecker Brothers Inc, a Northwest fabrication and structural steel service! (503) 655-5128