Stairs & Railings

Despite what those escalator people may try to tell you, stairs are still the best way to get from one floor to another. At Pesznecker Brothers, we can provide virtually any type of stair or railing that you may require. We meet or exceed all ICBO, OSHA, WSHA and ADA codes. We can use steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper or any combination of materials to produce your stairs. And of course, if you install stairs, you have to install railings as well. Safety should always be a paramount concern. With our diverse range of machinery and professional machinists, we can manufacture railings to match whatever stairs you have.

Trade Show Stairs and Railings

In the crowded environment of tradeshows, standing taller than your competition can make a big difference in your success. This may mean building a second floor onto your exhibit and literally looking down upon them. If your exhibit has two floors, you will need stairs and a railing for access and safety. At Pesznecker Brothers, we can make stable and dependable stairs that will impress any passing clients.

OSHA and ICBO Approved Railings and Stairs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the International Council of Building Officials (ICBO) have strict standards on stairs to ensure that they're both safe and accessible. With our decades of experience, we know the codes and regulations front to back so we guarantee that your stairs and railings will always meet or exceed standards.

Custom-Sized and Special Use Stairs and Railings

Here at Pesznecker Brothers, we understand that your stair and railing needs may be unique or atypical. Our diverse equipment and experienced craftsmen can fashion your stairs and railings to meet whatever specifications or aesthetic you have. To further discuss your stair and railing needs, please give us a call today at Pesznecker Brothers! (503) 655-5128